Java Game Programming Part I: The Basics

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  • If you surf the internet chances are that you have seen at least a couple of java applet games. These games, besides making a great addition to a website, are a great ...

    • By Darrin Koltow ·
    • Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

    Java games are computer games written in the computer programming language "Java." Java games can be as complex as the shoot-'em-up three dimensional games written in ...

  • Make a game with Hephaestus ... Java Game Maker : Make RPG Games With Hephaestus: Hephaestus is a construction kit for making computer role playing ...

  • Java 5.0 "Tiger" and Java 6.0 "Mustang" In chapter 19, "The Future", several things were mentioned that could make things better for Java game programmers.

    • By Darrin Koltow ·
    • Difficulty: Moderate

    The Java programming language can be used to develop complex applications involving databases, sounds and video. But, it can also be used to develop simple games ...

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    Best Answer: First, download all the files. http://java.sun.com/javaee/downloads/ind… I have Java EE + JDK. Next, get an IDE. Try Netbeans or or Eclipse (make sure ...

    • By Longhorndude08 ·
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    • Added 5/15/2009

    5/15/2009 · Step by step on how to program a game in java. Prior knowledge required. I stopped half way through recording and finished the code but went back and ...

  • Yeah, there are still those annoying questions about whether or not Java is fast enough. "Yes" we say pointing at 800 3D animated vikings running around on a lush, fully ...

  • Java - Hello, Just recently I learned how to make a game with java using an applet and I was wondering how I'd go about making a java game for cell phones?

  • hello, does anyone here know how to make a java based game?

Including results for making games java.
Do you want results for Make games java?


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