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  • Peraih the best paper di International Conference on Leadership & Learning Theories and Application .....

  • The Jenderal Soedirman University (Indonesian: Universitas Jenderal Soedirman, abbreviated as UNSOED) is a State University located in Purwokerto, Indonesia that was ...

  • Oleh WebMaster (Kam, 24/02/2011 - 13:04) Satu lagi prestasi dosen Universitas Jenderal Soedirman dengan meraih The best paper di International Conference on Leadership ...

  • 10,200 Universities > Indonesia > Universitas Jenderal Soedirman | Jenderal Soedirman University web ranking & review including accreditation, courses, tuition, admission ...

  • 4/13/2010 · In accordance with the existing acts and regulations, the main functions of BAN-PT is basically to assist and support the Minister of National Education in ...

  • Various works in mass media from the Department of Communication Science University General Soedirman Fisip will enliven BC CyberNews canal. At least, assessment of ...

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    Universitas Jenderal Soedirman (UNSOED) Purwokerto. adalah salah satu Perguruan Tinggi Negeri (PTN) di Indonesia. More information visit our web www.unsoed.ac.id This ...

  • Universitas Jenderal Soedirman: Website Unsoed: unsoed, purwokerto, soedirman, kampus, ak... Unsoed.net: UNSOED | Website Resmi Universitas Jender... Website Unsoed

  • pengumuman. bagi mahasiswa progra m si fakultas ekonomi universitas jenderal soedirman untuk semua jurusan bahwa pelaksanaan bimbingan krs (konsultasi dengan pembimbing ...



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