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... blue countries get a score above 9 out of 10 (with Norway being the most democratic country ... The world is yet to see a large, fundamental, working example of direct ...

  • ... in 2008–09 on politics throughout most of the world ... in recent years have resulted in the country being ... Semi-presidential system, Democratic Socialist Republic

  • Which is the smallest democratic country in the world? Tuvalu. The smallest democracy with well-established political ...

  • A new report by the Economist names Sweden as the world's most democratic country, with other Scandinavian countries close behind. But political experts in Sweden ...

  • How do you clean a pocket knife? Does a person typically receive a notice of a civil judgement or do they receive the actual judgement in the mail?

  • Indonesia: The third democratic country in the world. Reader comment on item: Debate: Islam and Democracy

  • According to both the 2006 and the 2008 EIU democracy index, the most democratic country in the world is Sweden. Sweden scored a whopping 9.88 out of 10 for both 2006 and ...

  • ... it out of the running if you're looking for longest continuously democratic country. ... It is typical of the attitude that the "USA is the best country in the World ...

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    Best Answer: Antarctica ... US-A ... England and Britian ... India ... no longer america continent. not country at all.

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    Best Answer: I'm an American (with Swedish citizenship, after living there 4 years) that resides in Norway. I mostly agree with the article, but I've only lived in ...

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