Famous Robber [of] World

Top Ten Most Famous Robberies In History

An interesting read on the top ten famous robberies across the world. Even though this list may tempt you to go ahead and rob a bank or two- don’t!

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  • Canada is overall a safe country to live in with the crime rate being not as high as in other countries or parts of the world. When researching for this article I could ...

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  • The DNV security analysis on the Munch museum focused on fire, burglary and robbery. The analysis of the museum building was done during a period of 8 weeks.

  • Part of the "Bonnie and Clyde" famous duo, Clyde Barrow ... brother Buck and his wife, Blanche, along with a robber ... Born during World War II, Gacy was a building contractor ...

  • Famous Bank Robberies Bank robberies ... common knowledge around the world through the media. Here are a few famous bank robberies: The Great Brink's Robbery was ...

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