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Top 10 Fastest Trains in the World

Transrapid is a German monorail which is presently amongst the quickest of all the trains in the world. It is run by magnetic levitation. During its trial, the train was ...

  • French TGV breaks own rail train speed record on april 3rd 2007, setting world record at 574.8 kph or 357.2 mph

  • 2/10/2000 · Dear Yahoo!: What is the fastest train in the world? Curious George Shizuoka, Japan : Dear George: A quick visit to Yahoo!'s High Speed Rail category revealed some ...

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  • The flagship of French rail technology is the TGV or Train à Grande Vitesse ("High-Speed Train"), the world's fastest train. TGVs regularly run at 300 km/h in ...

  • It's not a bird or a plane, just Shanghai's new maglev, the world's fastest train

  • TRAINS: World-Trains Orient-Ex Mideast Indian Mail Transsiberian Rome-Ex ... 1861: Schnellzug (fast train) Paris - Vienna is mentioned, probably no through ...

  • 12/10/2009 · China now has the fastest train in the world. It runs from the central city of Wuhan down to the south coast, at a speed of more than 380km/h.

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  • Southern's quickest train claim ruled to be misleading (From The ... as an example for other railair links across the world as we offer a dedicated, nonstop and fast train ...

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