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  • 8/3/2011 · Learn more, read reviews, and download Zombieville USA by Mika Mobile, Inc. on the iTunes App Store.

  • Q: I have a suggestion for the next Zombieville update! Let us buy ammo! Don't make us start over at level 1!

  • Zombieville USA - A Fun Survival Shooter: MikaMobile's first iPhone game was released into the App Store today and should appeal to zombie-fanatics everywhere.

  • Zombieville USA is a side-scrolling action game for the iPhone and iPod touch. The core game mechanic is simply tapping the screen to shoot while walking either left or ...

  • Build your dream MLB Team and compete in the ultimate online baseball league. ... Zombieville USA (IP)

  • Zombieville USA iOS Universal. Zombieville USA - one of the biggest hits on the app store! Over 1.2 million players and counting! Try it out for yourself ...

  • Zombieville USA iPhone 2.2 and iPod Touch | 14.0MB | English Welcome to Zombieville USA! When your town is overrun by the walking dead, there's only one thing left to do ...

  • Zombieville USA is side-scrolling zombie slaughter in its purest, most simple form. If you're a casual gamer looking for some quick fun, this is great news.

  • Read reviews, find screenshots, join discussions, and more about Zombieville USA for mobile devices including the iPhone and Blackberry.

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